Our Selection Policy 2019-2020

We aim to provide players with the opportunity to train and play at a level suitable to their ability and skill. Each player is valued and respected, no matter what their level. CFX has the expertise to progress players who are inspired to reach a higher level; Kent County Academy and the England Superleague Franchise development squads.

CFX Netball Club aims to:

  • Ensure that all players have equal opportunity to be considered for a team
  • Ensure all players have the chance to develop their skills to assist them in reaching their full potential
  • Provide qualified coaches
  • Provide a safe environment for athletes and officials

At the start of each year, team trials take place to determine the most appropriate training group, and competition level for each player based on the following criteria:

  • Skill base and performance consistency
  • Tactical understanding and decision-making
  • Flair and innovation
  • Fitness and game intensity
  • Potential and work ethic
  • Discipline on and off the court
  • Core personal qualities
  • Effectiveness under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Versatility, consistency and adaptability

Coaches may also consider the following areas of a players performance:

  • Positional balance within a squad
  • Whether a player's performance and contribution has been affected by extenuating circumstances which have temporarily compromised either form or recent contribution
  • Previous performances within CFX
  • Inclusion in the Kent County Academy Pathway